His House Campaign 2020

Welcome To Our New Property!

Join The Journey

REACH Community has been given the opportunity to purchase a new property at 3699 Hwy 59 Mandeville, LA. Our hearts leap at all the possibilities the purchase of this property presents. We can truly say, yet again, how faithful the Lord has been every step of the way along our journey. To all the people who are jumping onboard for this amazing journey we say a BIG advance thank you!

The Act of Sale is scheduled for June 15, 2020, with our 1st service scheduled for June 21st.

Would you prayerful consider making a monthly or one-time VOW (pledge) commitment to be completed by either June 21 or November 2020.

In-REACH facility work days June 16 - 20 & June 23 - 27.

His House Campaign Update

Updated: July 3, 2020
Goal: $86,000 (for closing and initial renovation)
Vow Total: $54,373

Check out Pastor James Weidner introducing the new property in a series of short videos.

New Property Intro Video #1

Video #2 - The Sanctuary

Video #3 - The Commercial Kitchen

Video #4 - The Cafe

Video #5 - The Green Space, Docs are signed, and 16 days to Act of Sale.